Meech Static Eliminators will display its Hyperion SmartControl at Labelexpo Americas in Rosemont, Illinois later this month.
Meech will also present the Hyperion 233v4 Pulsed DC Controller, the Hyperion range of anti-static bars (971IPS-15, 971IPS-30, 929IPS, 924IPS), the Hyperion BarMaster programmer, the CyCleanTM non-contact web cleaning system and IML generation equipment.
“Labelexpo Americas provides Meech with the perfect platform to highlight the ways in which our technologies can improve product quality in the labeling and flexible packaging markets,” says Matt Fyffe, Meech general manager. “We strive to develop products that suit our customer’s needs. Our range of static elimination, static generation and web cleaning technology that will be present at Labelexpo Americas is testament to this, and we’re excited to be showcasing a new product alongside them: the Hyperion SmartControl.”
SmartControl has been developed to allow easy communication between connected Meech ionizers though either a LAN or WAN network. Through the SmartControl, connected Meech Hyperion equipment is able to be adjusted quickly and remotely through a single online platform, reducing the need to monitor static control issues on site. Only one SmartControl is needed for the central control of up to six Hyperion ionizers, with expansion kits available where more devices are needed to be monitored.
Comprising the 929IPS, 924IPS and 971IPS, Meech’s Hyperion range of ionizing bars are also on display. Providing mid-range ionization, the 929IPS bar offers powerful static control, while the 924IPS short range is one of the most compact pulsed ionizing bars on the market. The Hyperion range provides industry-leading static elimination, with the bars’ default settings allowing quick and easy installation for use on converting lines. Showcased alongside them will be Meech’s Hyperion 971IPS-15 and 971IPS-30 bars, designed for even longer ionization ranges. The 971IPS-15 offers ease of installation and eliminates the need for high voltage cabling, while the 971IPS-30, the most powerful ionizing bar in the Meech range, is for extra-long range applications (operating distance of 450 to 1500mm).
Rounding off Meech’s anti-static bar solutions at Labelexpo is 924. A highly effective short-range ionizing bar used on web paths on converting machinery or printing presses, this Pulsed DC ionizing bar’s compact and lightweight size offers ease of installation and reliable static control between each pass.
Meech’s Hyperion 233v4 Pulsed DC Controller will also be on display. Suitable for use in a variety of sectors, the 233v4 is a compact and powerful controller that includes Meech’s ion current monitoring. This allows greater control of the performance of up to two Meech pulsed DC ionizers. Offering ultimate flexibility and a maximum output voltage of 15kV, the 233v4 is suitable to use in a wide range of applications  
CyCleanTM will representing Meech’s web cleaning technology. Compact, with optimized cleaning efficiency, the CyCleanTM is capable of removing contamination to below 1 micron. Best suited for high speed presses, it can handle virtually any substrate, providing a future proof solution to the labelling industry.
For the in-mold labelling market, Meech presents its 994CG. A lightweight, compact static generator developed to fit on the end of a robot arm, the 994CG is designed for use with Meech’s Hydra in-mold labelling pinning system and features 4 x 25kV outlets without the need for a splitter.
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