HarperScientific, a division of Harper Corporation of America, has expanded its available cleaners to include Harper Performance Wash. This fast-acting, low-foam anilox roll cleaner is highly alkaline based and effective at removing water-based, UV and solvent inks.

The Performance Wash excels at penetrating through several layers of ink and is ready to use at room temperature, or it can be heated up to 100°F. It is a concentrated solution that can be diluted with tap water depending on the cleaning method used, type of ink and condition of the roll. The Performance Wash is versatile and can be used in automatic roll cleaning machines with rinse cycles or ultrasonic tanks.

Before using this product, Harper Corporation of America recommends that any existing cleaners are completely flushed from the system, liquid filters are changed, and holding tanks are drained and wiped clean to prevent potential chemical reactions. Proper safety precautions, including use of personal protective equipment, should be followed. Any exposed aluminum should also be covered with an approved processing adapter and chips should be filled to prevent damage. The Performance Wash is not suitable for soft metals.


Harper Corporation of America