RPC bpi protec has developed the X-EnviroPouch standup pouch, a full recyclable application that incorporates a moisture and oxygen barrier for extended shelf-life.

This first-to-market pouch has been tested to ASTM industry standards F1249 and D3985, achieving an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of below 3cc/m2/day and a water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) significantly less than 1g/m2/day at ambient temperatures.

“We have already seen a tremendous interest in X-EnviroPouch due to its ability to be recycled,” says David Lumley, managing director of RPC bpi protec. “Providing an even more sustainable option for this popular format through the incorporation of the oxygen and moisture barrier now makes it even more appealing.”

Available in white or natural film from 60-140 microns, X-EnviroPouch’s standup properties create greater display flexibility for retailers. This is further enhanced by a wider choice of pouch sizes and a gloss or matt print finish to allow aesthetically pleasing designs that maximise brand image and on-shelf impact. For maximum consumer convenience, the bag can also be reclosable with a prestoclose seal or supplied as film on the reel for the packer or filler to form themselves.


RPC bpi protec