The Chemicals Business of Uflex Ltd. has launched a new PU-based NTNK ink series, Flexglide 1817, for Alu-Alu blister packing for the pharmaceutical industry.

Alu-Alu is an excellent multi-layered structure designed for packaging of extremely sensitive range of pharmaceutical and generic medicines, which are highly hygroscopic and light sensitive in nature, by providing better protection and prevention against UV rays.

The Swiss Printing Inks Ordinance is comprehensive legislation and standard for food packaging inks in Europe, regulating substances intended for use in printing inks that are not intended to come into direct contact with food. Flexglide 1817 complies with the requirements for Alu-Alu packaging. It exhibits excellent adhesion and high bond strength. Being a low-viscosity, high-flow ink system, it is ideal for reduction of solvent consumption on both high and low speed presses.

Flexglide 1817 will be catering to the special needs of Alu-Alu packaging market as it meets the unique properties desired from inks. Alu-Alu packaging protects packaged product against humidity and contamination, especially those which tend to absorb moisture from the air. It also offers excellent adhesion on variety of substrates. It is suitable for lamination with both solventless and solvent-based adhesives besides PE extrusion lamination. 


Uflex Ltd.