Elba, Dow and ITP have worked together to develop a laminated film that allows for recyclability, while keeping features such as packaging integrity and hermeticity in place. Elba will have this – and more – on display at PACK EXPO

The new solution is a step ahead of traditional films for food packaging. It’s a polyethylene film with particular stiffness, dimensional stability and high thermal resistance designed to replace the traditional bi-oriented lamination film. It is laminated to a specially designed PE sealant layer for smooth packaging efficiency.

The wide range of Dow products, including Dowlex, Innate, Elite and Affinity can be conveniently managed in order to achieve the described purpose. Final packaging performance does not compromise the characteristics of sealability and toughness, and it keep the same high levels of processability that customers are used to.

In addition to the film, Elba will also show its SAV pouch machine.