Constantia Flexibles will present at PACK EXPO packaging solutions that focus on four innovation pillars: Sustainability, Performance Packaging, Interactive Packaging and Brand Protection. 
Visitors to Booth E-10325 can learn more about Constantia Flexibles’ cutting-edge packaging solutions for the consumer industry, while packaging for pharma products will be showcased at Booth W-863.
“At this fantastic trade fair, we’ll show once again that Constantia Flexibles is ready for the future of packaging,” said Constantia CEO Alexander Baumgartner, adding, “our world is changing fast; our new packaging solutions meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.”
Sustainable Packaging – Pack and grow sustainably
Constantia Flexibles focuses on recycle-ready solutions and will showcase its Ecolutions product line. Among other products, Constantia EcoLam, a mono PE laminate that is applicable to a variety of packaging applications. Several characteristics make this solution sustainable: It is lightweight and its OPE/PE structure is fully recycle-ready due to its mono-material structure. In addition, its carbon footprint is approximately 32 percent smaller than that of comparable products.
Performance Packaging – Packaging solutions that stand out
Globalization is influencing our everyday life and trade markets around the world. Supermarkets offer more products from different multinational companies. Product packaging must therefore have excellent machinability for various food, pharma, personal and home care producers worldwide and needs to meet the requirements of global distribution. For safe transportation of the products all around the globe, their packaging must be premium and perfectly sealed.
What is more, high-quality product packaging is a marketing tool. It makes the product stand out from others on the shelf and strengthens the brand to attract more customers. Constantia Flexibles’ premium packaging solutions have the necessary characteristics. The award-winning film-based product CompresSeal is one such example.
Interactive Packaging – Packaging solutions for the digital age
Constantia Interactive provides a multitude of digital communications and marketing opportunities to enhance consumer engagement with products. The combination of digitally readable packaging material with a digital platform for data management and a smartphone app customizable to a wide range of customer needs are just some of the characteristics that make Constantia Interactive unique. The features range from the purely informative, such as instructions for use, through videos and games, to contests that can be individually selected by the customer.
Brand Protection – For a safer life
Over the last three years, food and beverage brands have been counterfeited as follows: up to 39 percent constantly, 12 percent several times a year, and 12 percent once a year. Constantia Flexibles is the only producer of food films in Europe that is certified by the IHMA – the International Hologram Manufacturing Association. Members of the IHMA are leading producers and converters of anti-counterfeiting, brand protection solutions, and even holograms for banknote security. 
Constantia Flexibles’ SafeFamily product range offers several different features to protect brands from counterfeiting. This is in addition to holograms, 3-D effects that are achieved through relief and laser technology and microtexts that are hidden in images.
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