Rotoflex has launched the Rotoflex DF3, a configurable offline digital finishing and converting solution.

Servo-driven from unwind to rewind with print and die cut units in between, the intelligent DF3 system delivers efficient operation and a full spectrum of offline decoration and finishing in the fast-growing digital and hybrid world.

"The DF3 is ideal for a business that currently operates roll-to-roll digital label presses and is ready to its optimize finishing processes" explains Kevin Gourlay, senior vice president, Rotoflex. "The Rotoflex organization is excited to share with the industry how this solution can remove the bottlenecks in production while meeting customer embellishment requirements. All with a single post-press asset."

The DF3 complements digital, non-hybrid label presses without inline converting functionality and eliminates the need for single-application embellishment units.

"The DF3 comes with a rail option that opens a lot of doors when you add it to your configuration,” notes Manohar Dhugga, Rotoflex’s VP of operations. “The rail enables lamination, foil decoration, rotary screen (both conventional or UV digital alternatives), advanced waste removal features and turnbars.”

The DF3 delivers capabilities of both full and semi-rotary die cutting, which accommodates a wide range of repeat sizes and existing investments in tooling. Die changeovers are also achieved in 30 seconds or less. Additionally, like all Rotoflex solutions, the DF3 is backed by an experienced team of technicians who understand digital label and packaging workflow optimization.

The DF3 was built with speed in mind, converting and finishing at an unprecedented 1,000 fpm. It is available for demonstrations at the company's new headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.