Toppan USA will showcase a range of sustainable barrier films at PACK EXPO, specifically the GL-GP, Barrier-Coated BOPP, GL-EY-A and Coated Met-PET.

GL-GP is a transparent barrier film that uses BOPP as a base material. It is recyclable thanks to its mono-material structure and offers high barrier properties thanks to vapor deposition and coating technologies. This film has high resistance during converting and distribution.

Its Barrier-Coated BOPP is a replacement for PVDC and/or EVOH, and GL-EY-A is an OPA-based transparent vapor deposition film with enhanced mechanical strength. GL-EY-A offers a reduction from 3 to 4 layers down to 2 layers with its mechanical strength, high barrier property and printability.

Toppan’s Met-PET + TOPPAN Special Coating is designed to enhance barrier and flex resistance.


Toppan USA