Pamarco has added three professionals to its global manufacturing and technical sales team. 
Focused on growth since its birth in 1946, Pamarco continues to push forward into the future, leveraging product technology and investments in the talented people necessary for its continued growth. The company is extending its service capabilities in Latin America, Europe and North America. The addition of new positions within the company serve to strengthen its well-established place in a growing packaging marketplace.
In Latin America, Hector Gamboa will join Pamarco as a technical sales engineer with the responsibility of continuing its track record of growth. With a proven record, Gamboa is committed to the highest levels of technical support and service.
In Europe, Anne Lander, who started her professional career at Pamarco, has taken on the position of technical sales manager for Pamarco Europe, joining its Warrington team.
Roger Schisel has joined Pamarco as Atlanta Production Manager. Roger brings extensive hands-on technical skills, coupled with experience and dedication to Lean Manufacturing disciplines.