Komori America is restructuring its service department to better align its operations with the company’s Vision 20/20 initiative, a concept driven by a mission to meet the needs of a changing print industry with products that drive greater efficiency and proactive service that exceeds customer expectations. 
As part of the restructuring, Komori has promoted Henning Matz to director of service. He will oversee all service personnel and customer experiences with an emphasis to continually improve upon and intelligently streamline the company’s service support. Matz joined Komori America as director of KomoriKare in 2016 after a 25-year career at Webpro, Inc. where he held the positions of vice president and president. 
Daniel Shinomiya joined Komori America in 2017 after 11 years working for Toyota. Shinomiya, service project manager for Komori, is currently responsible for overseeing the analytics and interpreting data of the service department. He will assist Matz in optimizing service initiatives. Isamu Sato, vice president of service, will be part of the team as well, with a focus on research and development and special projects concentrated on continuous improvement.
Komori’s entire service team will proactively implement tenets core to two Japanese manufacturing principles, Kaizen and Toyota Production Systems (TPS). Kaizen is an approach to continuous, incremental improvement based on a philosophical belief that everything, even things working well, can be improved. TPS, which uses Kaizen as one of its core business principles, is a production system developed to ensure a company is providing the best quality, lowest cost and shortest lead time through the elimination of waste.
“We are excited about this organizational restructure as it will allow us to aggressively implement a service strategy that makes it possible to test and introduce process improvements that streamline business processes,” said Meishi Tsuya, president of Komori America. “The ultimate goal is to be more responsive to customer needs and expectations.”
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