All Printing Resources (APR) and SpotOn! Press have announced that a free version of SpotOn! Flexo's Quick Measure (QM) software is now available to converters across printed packaging sectors. Currently, converters in the flexible packaging, label, folding carton, corrugated and envelope industries are benefitting from making SpotOn! Flexo a fundamental part of their print production processes.

SpotOn! Flexo QM uses a Predictive Analysis Algorithm to provide press operators the optimal ink density to run color to achieve the lowest Delta E (dE00) color match to the desired reference color. This new pressroom metric is called 'Running to Delta E' rather than the less-precise option of running to solid ink density levels. The free Quick Measure version of the software provides the same colorimetric results as a fully licensed version of SpotOn! Flexo but is limited to one measurement at a time.  

"The industry is finally realizing we have to move away from running to ink density and that we have to Run to Delta E. Many converters are struggling with why a color doesn't match when the density readings look fine,” notes Richard Black, APR’s VP of business development. “The answer is that they are running at the wrong colorimetric value, not the wrong density, and that's exactly why SpotOn! Flexo can get them to where they need to be. With this free version of SpotOn! Flexo QM software, converters can load their colors, take measurements and start running to Delta E immediately. This is a very simple, icon-driven software tool that converters across printed packaging sectors have come to rely on with every print job they run."


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