Bemis was honored by PMMI with a Technology Excellence Award for its active packaging for vacuum packed poultry and meat featuring extended shelf life. The package was recognized in the Meat/Poultry/Seafood category for its cutting edge technology during the recent PACK EXPO International show.

Bemis developed the innovative technology to deliver food waste reduction for processors, and to meet the USDA-EPA sponsored Food Waste Challenge initiative. Aligning with consumers’ perceptions of freshness, the package is designed to establish a precise product sell-by date, which reduces product loss at retail and decreases premature disposal due to confinement odor.

The new film prevents premature confinement odor in barrier packaging by complementing existing oxygen barrier technology in poultry and meat packaging. This advanced technology is a practical application to extend fresh poultry and meat shelf life, while meeting retail and brand owners’ needs for reducing food waste.

“Through the novel integration of well-established technologies and materials, we have been able to create a high performance packaging material that provides a dramatic improvement in usable product life,” notes William Jackson, Bemis chief technology officer. “We are excited to partner with customers to take this to market.”