Modern Manufacturing has introduced an updated Schjeidahl Series side weld bag line.

Noted updates to the machine include the use of multi-axis servo control for consistent, high speed throughput. It is expected that this side weld bag system can achieve speeds up to 230 cycles per minute, depending on draw length and seal time.

Additionally, a touch screen display with built in job storage for easy job changeovers has been added. For easier maintenance and increased uptime, Modern eliminated the lower cams underneath the machine. Additionally, the system has dual-servo nip drives for improved reliability, along with intelligent sealer adjustments. The intelligent sealer adjustments have built-in depth control and cycle distance controls for consistent output at the highest speeds possible.

The Schjeldahl Series side weld bag line comes in two different models: 41 inch solid, and 56 Inch solid or split lane. Additional options include an unwinder and V board accessories. As with all Modern’s solutions, the ability to customize products to match specific application needs is offered.


Modern Manufacturing