AccuWeb’s offers web guiding systems for hazardous environments, specially engineered to provide safe and accurate control over web position even with the presence of flammable or combustible gases and vapors.

To prevent ignition of flammable gas, dust or vapor, AccuWeb’s system limits the amount of electrical energy through edge detector cables. Intrinsically-safe edge detectors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures while automatically compensating for changing environmental conditions such as dust and humidity, or for contaminants that can build up on the sensors. This eliminates the need for constant cleaning and recalibrating.

Explosion-proof actuators are continuously air purged to prevent accumulation of flammable or combustible mixtures around the actuator motor and cable wiring. A separate return duct and pressure sensor continuously monitor airflow to automatically shut off actuator power in the event of a leak.

The Micro 4000NET controller sits outside the hazardous environment and features an intuitive operator touch pad with LED indicators. Discrete I/O interfacing is standard, with optional adapters to interface with other fieldbus networks.


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