“Leading a global movement for greener packaging.”

That’s the mission of Rootree, a Burlington, Ontario-based converter that specializes in fully compostable packaging solutions. The company specializes in standup pouches, coffee bags, custom printed pouches and three-side seal pouches including flat and pillow pouches, with a goal to maintain high quality while minimizing environmental impact as much as possible.

“Rootree has made a commitment in the industry to be the most environmentally conscious packaging company in the world by addressing the full packaging lifecycle,” says Philippe St-Cyr, Rootree general manager.

To meet supply demands for its sustainable packaging, Rootree has invested in digital printing. As the first Canadian owner of a HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press and the first North American owner of a Pack Ready Laminator, Rootree is further expanding its operations with the addition of a second Indigo 20000. The addition will double its printing capacity.

Digital printing, Rootree notes, is a technology that’s in line with the company’s sustainable focus, as it permits flexible packaging manufacturing with up to 75 percent less waste than conventional manufacturing.

“We’re experiencing substantial growth as we disrupt the market using digital packaging technologies to improve the eco-profile of brands,” St-Cyr continues. “Now we are taking another step to spearhead greener packaging globally by doubling capacity with an additional press.”

Aside from continuing to provide compostable flexible packaging formats for its customers, Rootree also has its eyes set on developing home-compostable inks and adhesives. After all, it is the company’s goal to lead a global movement for greener packaging.