The Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA) has named Ashland’s facility in Ashland, Ohio as the recipient of this year’s Sustainability Award and the Silver Performance Improvement Award in recognition of the company’s commitment to continuously improving environmental, health, safety and security practices. 
Ashland is committed to safe, compliant and responsible operations. As part of this commitment, the company’s Ashland, Ohio team worked diligently to improve the environmental footprint of the facility’s operations by significantly reducing solvent waste disposal with the installation of a single-stage vacuum distillation unit to recover spent solvent for reuse. The project reduced the company’s waste disposal and raw material costs, while preventing over 350 drums of waste per year. These benefits were realized without an increase in energy usage or greenhouse gas generation.
“It is a high honor for us to receive this prestigious award,” remarked Andrew Piper, Global Responsible Care Manager for Ashland. “This project is an example of the great work that our employees do every day, solving problems for the benefit of the company, the communities where we operate, and for the environment.”
The Ashland, Ohio facility produces Pliogrip, PureRad, Pliobond, Purelam Fastcure, Solvester, Arofene and Arotran adhesives for the narrow web label, flexible packaging, structural and transportation market segments.