Cosmo Films has launched a sterilisable conduction sealing film for wad and lidding applications for PP and PE containers. This film can withstand high temperatures during the sterilization process, which is used to increase the shelf-life of the product.

The film is a clear, one-side corona treated and other side heat sealable film. The film offers exceptional seal integrity and improved convenience as it is easy to open and peels cleanly without splitting. Apart from offering excellent optical properties and printability, this film is safe for direct food contact.

This film can be used as a monolayer or as a sealant layer in a laminated structure with other substrates like aluminum foil. It can be used in roll or pre-cut form (after lamination with other substrates) based on the requirements of the customers. The film is used primarily in dairy industry for flavored milk; food & beverage segment for juices, energy drink, bakery products; pharmaceutical industry; agro chemicals and cosmetics industry.    

“This is an award-winning film especially developed keeping in mind the dairy industry,” says Pankaj Poddar, CEO of Cosmo Films. “The uniqueness of the film lies in its endurance to withstand high temperatures during the sterilization process without affecting its seal integrity. We are confident of the success of this film and the response so far has been extremely encouraging”


Cosmo Films