RadTech, the nonprofit trade association for ultraviolet and electron beam technologies, has welcomed Eileen Weber, Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc., as its new president. She’ll serve a two year term. 
Weber succeeds Lisa Fine, who is now the group’s immediate past president. JoAnn Arceneaux from Allnex USA Inc, has been elected as incoming president. 
Newly elected board members include Jeffrey Klang, Sartomer; Jim Raymont, EIT LLC.; and P.K. Swain, Heraeus Noblelight America. 
Board members elected for a second term include: 
  • Susan Bailey, Michelman
  • Michael Gould, RAHN USA
  • David Biro, Sun Chemical
  • Chris Seubert, Ford Motor Company
Returning board members include: 
  • Jennifer Heathcote
  • Paul Elias, Miwon North America
  • Mike Bonner, Saint Clair Systems
  • Todd Fayne, Pepsico
  • Mark Gordon, INX International Ink
  • George McGill, Precision Ink
  • Hui Yang, Procter and Gamble
  • Sunny Ye, 3M