KM Packaging has enhanced its material testing capabilities by investing in a ProTest machine from ProSeal, which enables the company to reliably analyze, record and report the force required to peel any given lidding film from a tray, establishing if the seal strength and performance is suitable for the intended product’s application. 

Investing in this advanced, world-class testing equipment ensures KM Packaging can substantiate the peel performance of products with clear, quantitative data and deliver appropriate lidding film solutions for food manufacturing customers around the world. 

Charles Smithson, KM Packaging managing director, says: “We have long anticipated the launch of this technology to enable us to provide factual numerical data on tray sealing and peeling to support our expertise in the film selection process. Investing in ProTest allows us to specifically quantify seal quality and strength to give our customers the science behind peel performance and offer the best possible product solution. It also enables us to quickly highlight any areas in which performance improvements are needed and gives us a greater capability to solve seal issues if they arise.”

ProTest also enables the company to ensure its sales and development effort is consistently moving towards a “right-first-time” approach. It reduces the need to test multiple reels, keeping line-downtime for trialing to a minimum and presenting additional cost savings to customers. 

“We can now share and compare data with our customers, increasing speed to market by reaching the most suitable lidding film solution as quickly as possible,” Smithson adds. “Our experience and understanding the need for the right solution, combined with testing data, is a compelling proposition for both our U.K. and overseas customers.” 


KM Packaging