ePac Flexible Packaging plans to open manufacturing plants this year in Cleveland; Minneapolis; Philadelphia; New York City; Louisville; Richmond, Virginia; and Longview, Texas. All cities are currently open for order taking, with fulfillment handled by other ePac sites while construction is completed.

ePac currently operates in Madison, Wisconsin, Boulder, Colorado, Chicago and Miami, and has plants under construction in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, and Austin. ePac is the first and only U.S.-based flexible packaging company based entirely on the latest digital printing technology, the HP Indigo 20000.

“As we’ve announced previously, our strategic intent when we first opened ePac in 2016 was to prove our business model and build 15 ePac locations by the end of 2019,” says Jack Knott, ePac CEO. “With these new sites coming online by year-end, we will have fulfilled our commitment and look forward to working with brands in these exciting markets.”


ePac Flexible Packaging