Sigma Plastics Group has ordered two additional EVOLUTION co-extrusion blown film lines from Reifenhäuser Blown Film. The new lines are for Sigma’s Southern Films Extrusion (High Point, North Carolina) operation. Sigma ordered a high output EVOLUTION 3-layer line and a high output EVOLUTION POD 5-layer line, both which are equipped with Reifenhauser’s unique ULTRA COOL IBC and ULTRA FLAT patented inline flattening system.

Reifenhäuser’s EVOLUTION Ultra Flat haul-off system will allow Southern Films to produce films of considerably improved flatness, and ensures better printability and lamination capability.

The secret of the optimized film flattening system is mainly its position within the process. While in the past flattening systems were arranged just in front of the winder, Ultra Flat is installed exactly at the point where optimum processing conditions are available for flattening the web, that means upstream between the haul-off nip roll assembly and turner bar system.

The result: Flatness of lamination and converting films can be improved by up to 40 percent while sagging of the web can be reduced by up to 90 percent. In subsequent conversion processes, the films can be more easily laminated, printed and converted into packaging products.


Sigma Plastics