Wikoff Digital has launched a new website aiming to create greater awareness of Wikoff’s growing digital ink, primer and topcoat business. Wikoff Digital invites visitors to explore each section of the new site to learn more.
“We are excited to debut the new Wikoff Digital website to our current and prospective customers, industry partners and trade associations alike,” says Warren Catchpole, business development manager for Wikoff Digital. “Wikoffdigital.com is the perfect representation of our high-quality products and the exceptional people who support them.”
For visitors curious about the products offered for each printhead technology and chemistry, a complete matrix listing is available under the “We Are Innovative” section. Keeping with the Wikoff Color commitment to customer support, Wikoff Digital offers a wide range of services to support its product portfolio, which can be found on the “We Are Technically Driven” page.
Wikoff Digital