All Printing Resources will host a one-and-a-half day seminar for people new to the flexo print process or for candidates looking to deepen their knowledge of flexo's capabilities. 
The Flexo Fundamentals Seminar will take place at APR's Glendale Heights, Illinois Technology Center March 19-20. The event is open to all industry converters and suppliers in addition to personnel working at the brand and packaging-buyer level.
Seminar attendees will gain a clear understanding of the flexographic print process in addition to related terminology, press components and prepress/platemaking/ink room support functions. Print experts will take participants through the most common print defects and the procedures for defect resolution. 
Participants will also learn the differences and challenges in running spot colors, screens and process color printing. Breakout sessions will include making and mounting a flexo plate, a narrow web press run and demonstrations of ink maintenance and print analysis. Topics covered over course of the seminar will include:
  • Introduction to Flexography Fundamentals and History 
  • The Pressroom - Presses and Components
  • Ink Delivery Systems 
  • Inks & Substrates
  • Plates, Platemaking and Mounting 
  • Press Setup and Make-Ready
  • General Prepress Considerations 
  • Press Optimization vs. Fingerprinting vs. Characterization
  • Process colors vs. Spot colors
  • Screening Resolutions - Print, Plates, Anilox, Output
  • BREAKOUTS: Pressroom, Platemaking, Mounting, Press Run & Print Analysis
"We continue to have great success with our annual Flexo Fundamental Seminar series,” says Catherine Haynes, technical training and resource specialist at APR. “This is one of the few educational events of its kind in the industry where attendees receive a comprehensive overview of what it takes to print a flexo sample. We take attendees from the design concept, through prepress, all the way to production and finishing. We go over the variables that go into each phase and introduce them to terminology and to the intrinsic goals and capabilities of the flexo print process. 
“Flexo continues to grow and is entering new market segments every day. APR remains extremely dedicated to delivering impactful instruction that makes people even greater assets to their companies."
Companies can find more information and register for the APR Flexo Fundamentals Seminar here.
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