Bobst has launched Helpline Plus AR, the first ever remote assistance service in the packaging industry to incorporate a smart headset with augmented reality (AR) glasses. Customers requiring technical assistance can wear the smart headset and connect with experts who can simultaneously see what the user sees and offer advice and support in real time.

Bobst is the first company in the packaging industry to introduce state-of-the-art remote assistance in augmented reality. Helpline Plus AR will be gradually rolled out worldwide.

“This is a huge step forward in terms of embracing the latest technology to maximize customer experience,” says Julien Laran, head of Business Unit Services. “We believe this will bring significant benefits for our customers, particularly time and cost savings due to the rapid problem-solving this innovation enables. Even before AR, our Helpline service could solve many issues online in less than two hours – we now believe that more issues can be solved and time can be reduced even further.”

Helpline Plus AR is Wi-Fi connected and establishes a secure connection with the customer’s machine via the internet. Customers get a Bobst expert on-demand, and with the help of the two-way video and audio live stream, an immediate solution to the issue can be provided.

“Helpline Plus AR makes for a seamless experience between our customer and our experts, because the machine is directly connected to the service,” continues Laran. “And with the smart headset, both are looking at the same thing at the same time, limiting any risk of confusion. The service bridges knowledge gaps and ultimately adds up to less downtime and increased productivity, as well as an enhanced customer experience.”