Amcor Flexibles Americas has released Genesis, an all-polyethylene (PE) laminate that looks and feels like traditional oriented polypropylene (oPP)/PE and oriented polyester (oPET)/PE laminates.

Genesis overcomes challenges with production, ease-of-use, durability and aesthetics that have been associated with other packages intended for in-store recycling. Targeting a wide range of segments, including fresh produce, frozen food, dried fruits, nuts, confectionery, chilled goods and pet food, Genesis is adaptable to a variety of packaging types and is appropriate for certain medical, home and personal care markets.

Applying an innovative PE formulation, Genesis achieves new levels of clarity, gloss and stiffness close to those of oPP/PE and oPET/PE laminations while delivering – for the first time – a true, in-store recyclable alternative for brand owners and retailers.

“Consumer goods need to be packaged with high-quality materials that perform most effectively, with the lowest possible impact on the environment,” says Amcor Flexibles Americas president Tom Cochran. “We take considerable pride in developing and making packaging that is constantly better for customers and the environment.”

The Genesis product is pre-approved by How2Recycle for in-store recycling with other PE film products across North America.

“Genesis maintains the look-and-feel, and shelf life delivered with conventional laminates,” says Amcor product development manager Laurent Vincent. “We are delivering on those requirements while also reducing carbon footprint by 35 percent against commonly used packaging.”

In addition to designing all its packaging to be recyclable or reusable, Amcor has committed to significantly increasing its use of recycled materials and working with consumer goods companies, government agencies, NGOs and others to drive greater worldwide recycling. The introduction of Genesis follows the company’s announcement in September 2018 that it had created a polyolefine-based, flexible film for use in a range of ambient medium- and high-barrier, and retort high-barrier applications.