Karlville has announced the establishment of a Pack Ready Lamination Film Validation Center to drive expansion and development of flexible packaging solutions, applications and partners for the rapidly expanding HP Indigo digitally printed flexible packaging market. The center will operate at Karlville’s Miami, Florida headquarters.

“The validation center will serve as an ecosystem to allow film suppliers and converters to validate films and perform end-to-end testing of the final product, including digital print on HP Indigo, lamination and pouch making, and bring faster solutions to the digital flexible packaging market. The center will support and accelerate adoption and placements of the Pack Ready systems as well as compatible pouching systems,” says Raul Matos, vice president of sales and marketing, Karlville

The Pack Ready Laminator is a game-changing solution for the flexible packaging industry, the fastest growing market sector in both emerging and developed markets. The solution from HP Indigo and Karlville reduces the entry barrier to the flexible packaging market, expands customer capabilities and helps enable fastest time to market.

Pack Ready Lamination for HP Indigo digital presses delivers high-quality laminates for immediate pouch converting, with an easy and safe lamination solution, opening new market opportunities for digitally printed flexible packaging.

“The establishment of the Pack Ready Film Validation Center is an evolution of a long-term collaboration with HP Indigo, and demonstrates Karlville’s commitment to expand the flexible packaging digital printing market led by HP Indigo. Recognized and awarded the ‘InterTech’ 2018 award for innovation, the Pack Ready Lamination solution is being embraced by a creative and dynamic community of suppliers and customers poised for growth,” says Allon Maoz, director of supplies, media and materials for HP Indigo.

On March 22, Karlville will host an open house for the Latin America region at its Miami center, showcasing both lamination technologies, solventless lamination and Pack Ready Lamination, as well as a new quick-change pouch machine.