KM Packaging has launched two new KPeel Ambtort lidding films to meet the complex needs of the ambient food market. 

Part of the KPeel range, the two films are designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 123 degrees Celsius (253 Fahrenheit) used in retort sterilization, helping to significantly extend the shelf life of ambient products ranging from ready meals to fruit pots.

KPeel Ambtort PPs 85 is a leading-edge transparent triplex laminate film with high barrier properties. Sealing to PP and PP lacquered foil trays, it delivers a strong, smooth hot and cold peel. 

KPeel Ambtort AL 91 features an aluminum foil layer, providing the best possible barrier in terms of water vapor and oxygen transmission rates. Both films can be used for ambient, chilled or frozen tray lidding applications and are suitable for printing, delivering enhanced branding opportunities and product presentation. 

Charles Smithson, KM Packaging Managing Director, says: “Adding the two Ambtort solutions to our KPeel range enables us to deliver the high-performance peel and extended shelfblife required by food manufacturers, even under the high heat conditions used during retort sterilization. 

“Ambtort PPs 85 and Ambtort AL 91 lidding films are suitable for a wide range of applications, and the Ambtort PPs 85 lidding film can be retained during microwave cooking, enhancing end-user convenience. Providing effective and reliable seal performance, these two latest additions are ideal for any manufacturer looking to significantly extend shelf-life.”


KM Packaging