Sun Centre USA’s latest pouch machinery is successfully producing multi-chamber pouches based on Arranti’s patented pouch designs.

Arranti’s new pouch designs allow for the creation of standup flexible gusset pouches with up to three separate chambers, ideal for selling combinations of two or more products that are typically used together or mixed, including dry powders, granular products, flowable solids, liquids, paste and more.

Sun Centre pouch-making machinery can also produce Arranti’s perforated pouches that allow chambered pouches to be fully separated. This enables companies to create new products, brand extensions, and combinations. A single SKU can be separated into two consumer-friendly standup pouches. These multi-chamber pouches can be fitted with reclosable zippers, spouts, sliders, hook-and-loop closures and spray triggers, among others. They can also be fitted with carrying or hanging add-ons ranging from top panels with finger or hang-holes to straps and/or handles at various positions for increased consumer convenience.

Multi-chamber flexible pouches stand on their own once filled with product, and are recyclable when empty. Standup pouches require less shelf space than traditional boxes, bottles or cans — saving both inventory and freight space.


Sun Centre USA