Toray Plastics (America), Inc. has joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), a membership-based collaborative that leverages the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. 
Toray Plastics (America) launched its sustainability initiative in 2004. The program involves operating one of the larger solar farms in Rhode Island and two co-generation plants, zero landfill, waste recycling, and energy and water conservation. The company also manufactures ultra-thin, bio-based, solvent-free, and PVdC-free films. Research continues on other sustainability programs and the development of 100 percent biodegradable films. 
In addition, Toray helps engineering students by providing internships and scholarships for University of Rhode Island undergraduates.
"Toray's collaborative, innovative spirit makes them a perfect fit for the SPC,” says Adam Gendell, associate director of the SPC. “We look forward to working with the Toray sustainability team in the future."
Chris Nothnagle, senior director of corporate marketing, Toray Plastics (America), pointed to the SPC’s role in bringing the packaging industry’s attention to the need for sustainable packaging.
“We believe in its mission and programs,” Nothnagle says. “The Toray team is eager to help further the SPC’s goals by engaging with the organization’s leadership and members and contributing its knowledge and insights.”
Nothnagle added that Toray Plastics (America)’s experience in collaborating with customers, suppliers, the Rhode Island community, state government and businesses, and the University of Rhode Island will enhance its relationship with the SPC. 
“We believe that solutions to the problem of waste and pollution will be discovered more effectively when private, public and non-profit organizations gather around the table and work together with citizens,” he says.
Toray Plastics (America), Inc.
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