Retroflex, Inc. will begin a $1.5 million expansion to its Wrightstown, Wisconsin facility.
This 12,500-square-foot expansion is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2019 and will include an increase to Retroflex’s machine assembly floor, equipment processing capabilities, customer support inventory area, additional office space for mechanical and electrical engineering, equipment sales and customer service/support, as well as an additional conference room.  
The expansion also includes climate control in the shop for employee comfort, as well as state-of-the-art climate control for all raw and process materials and components. This technology will help Retroflex broaden its machinery offerings into the digital printing/coating and food related industries. 
“For 27 years, our increasing list of clients has generously allowed Retroflex to grow, and we are very grateful for the faith and trust that you have put into our capabilities,” President Perry Lichon says. “As a result of ever increasing project volumes, the overall scope and complexity of those projects and the addition of new products, Retroflex is responding by making a calculated commitment to the future growth of our company, and most importantly, the growth of our valued clients. This latest expansion allows Retroflex to improve our ability to process and service projects more efficiently and it strategically positions Retroflex to take on more and larger projects without compromise.”