PPC Flexible Packaging has completed a 75,000-sq.-foot manufacturing plant in Bogota, Colombia, for Temkin PPC, a PPC division that produces flexible packaging for fresh-cut flowers and potted plants. 
The new facility will allow Temkin PPC greater capacity and the ability to streamline all processes. The bigger plant will facilitate larger orders coupled with quicker turnaround times. Superior electrical efficiencies will result in advanced lighting and reduced CO2 emissions. The plant will also feature dock-height doors for shipping ease. 
Employing more than 100 people, this facility replaces former buildings and will significantly improve all activities due to its increased size and innovative features. Customers can visit the location and see the latest collections and new products. A grand opening is scheduled for Friday, March 15.
“We set out to create a space that would meet our immediate expansion needs plus allow us to continue to expand our Colombia operations,” says Noah Temkin, vice president of flower sales. “We are beyond excited with the results.”
Temkin PPC