The Barton Group, Inc. (BGI) has announced the SqueezySureSip Dispensing pouch for in-patient beverage service, a new application development in its group of SqueezyStraw Dispensing Pouch patents.

“Effective immediately BGI will be adding this new application to the list of techniques covered under licenses for our patents,” said Lew Barton, president of Barton Group, Inc. “At this time, we have six U.S. patents issued and two more pending, all available for licensing by U.S. manufacturers or packaging companies.”

The SqueezySureSip provides virtually spill-proof packaging for patient beverages such as juices, milk, nutritional supplements, puddings, cottage cheese, yogurt and other flowable products, Barton said. “The health care market is an ideal fit for our technology,” Barton said. “Our packaging innovations provide for many benefits in patient care, cost savings and sanitary enhancements. The SqueezySureSip technology produces the only pouch with a built-in dispensing channel. It is an excellent low-cost packaging alternative for many health care applications such as prefilled dispensing pouches for saline solution, sterile water (hot-fill) and other supply and therapeutic products which can help advance better care at lower costs.”

SqueezySureSip dispensing pouch is made entirely from low-cost, light-weight flexible packaging materials and can be produced in many sizes. A 12-ounce size would cost approximately 6 cents each for packaging materials and royalties, in large volumes (50 million / year), Barton explained. The SqueezySureSip pouch can be designed to be freeze / thaw, or in many cases microwavable for products such as macaroni and cheese or chili con carne.

The most important advantages of SqueezySureSip pouch cited by Barton include:

  • Tamper evident
  •  Wide variety of sizes and shapes available
  •  The lowest cost for producing a single-serve dispensing package
  •  Made entirely of light-weight, low-cost flexible packaging materials
  •  Easy to use (requires no spoon, cup or straw)

SqueezySureSip dispensing ouch patented technology is available for licensing from The Barton Group, Inc. See for details.