Modern Manufacturing Services offers strong evidence to the “ease of use and setup” of their new Momentum Series stand-up pouch machine powered by Inteliseal.

Most manufacturers of stand-up pouch making equipment, claim that their products are easy to setup and can quickly produce sellable bags. However, circumstances provided us an opportunity to prove that our new Momentum Series is extremely easy to setup and operate.

Modern Manufacturing recently completed manufacturing a 24” Momentum Series machine for Poly Craft Industries Corp. of Hauppauge, NY. As final acceptance of the product, Poly Craft sent two of their operators to our Modern Manufacturing Facility. They had never used one of these  stand-up pouch making units before and after about three hours of training, they were ready to do a new setup on their new Momentum Inteliseal machine.

They were asked to start from the beginning, by loading a new roll of material and end up with a customer acceptable stand up pouch product. The bag size was 9” x 6” with a 2.5” bottom gusset. They were able to produce high quality pouches after about 27 minutes of set-up time. The bottom gusset set-up took less than two minutes to set and align..

This is a testament to the ease of use of the control system and, in particular, the new Inteliseal  sealing system. All of the seal heads are independently controlled for sealing time, cycle stroke distance, seal compression distance and seal force. InteliSeal enables users to quickly and efficiently move from job to job, with minimal time and minimal start-up waste.

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