Xeikon announces its digital printing solution for pouches, developed for consumer goods markets – food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The digital process for printing on pouches responds to current trends, such as significant numbers of SKUs, shorter lead times, and the rising popularity of pouches. Brand owners looking for shelf impact are drawn to flexible pouches for their ability to stand, their light weight and their sustainability. 

Pouches can be reasonably complex to manufacture because of the flexible nature of their multi-layers. It is essentially a laminated structure made from several layers of material that requires a number of different production steps. Xeikon simplifies the process by digitally printing the graphics. Layers are then laminated in a series of barriers before the pouch is assembled. Digital printing with Xeikon’s dry toner technology offers high print quality on flexible substrates with reductions in start-up costs and no job changeover costs. The printer has the ability to print variable data information on the fly.