After two years and over 250 prototypes, Chamber Pouch brings a new, patented, dual-chamber capability. Chamber Pouch enables food and CPG companies to create new products, combinations and extensions, generating new brand value.

Stand-up pouches have transformed the grocery industry, replacing boxes, canisters, and other outdated formats. However, combining two or more products was never possible before Chamber Pouch.

On the shelf, Chamber Pouch presents as a single, high-visibility package. Once home, the consumer, with the flick of a wrist, easily separates it into two individual stand-up pouches, each with its own closure and structure. Dry foods, liquid, powders or frozen foods that can go in a pouch, also can be placed in a chamber pouch.

Chamber Pouch can run on many modified horizontal filling machines, enabling companies to rapidly introduce new products. With low incremental costs, no speed penalties and rapid speed-to-market capacity, Chamber Pouch has a short speed-to-market path for brands and contract packagers. Pouches are a leading format for e-commerce and club stores. Chamber Pouch creates new product combinations for these high-growth channels.

Chamber Pouch