AZCO Corp. has designed and manufactured a VIP-100 pouch dispenser for an application which required cutting and dispensing sachets or pouches into containers at a rate of 250 to 295 per minute.

A continuous strip of material is placed on a motorized unwind which controls the tension on the web and helps ensure high accuracy and consistency. A power assist pulls the material, and guides control the pouches into a dual-drive belt system that indexes the sachets or pouches. From the touchscreen the operator can open the belts and index the material. With the material placed in the belts, they are closed and the material can be primed or automatically self-feeds to the proper starting position.

The optic system, which is built into the knife cartridge, tracks a position on the material. Once the material is indexed to the proper location, the knife assembly is triggered, making a cut. The knife assembly is pneumatically actuated, and its cartridge design allows for quick service or replacements. An all-electric option is also available.

The VIP-100 is mobile; just roll it up to your process, connect the 110 VAC power supply and compressed air. The unit is configured to automate a bottle or packaging line.