The Dover Flexo Electronics SteadyWeb6 Tension Controller combines a full-featured, automatic, closed-loop tension control unit with an intuitive user interface for the web process industries. Its stable output and versatility in managing web tension in the most challenging applications are unmatched.

The SteadyWeb6 maintains a preselected tension set point on a web machine or press by measuring web tension from a tension transducer (or transducer pair), and then sending a compensating signal to a tensioning device such as a pneumatic brake, clutch or a DC drive. The digital closed-loop control algorithm allows manufacturers to improve process consistency and productivity.

The large, bright and colorful touchscreen user interface is so easy-to-use that your operators will be up to speed with minimal instruction and training time. Initial setup and configuration is fast with illustrated prompts and color graphics. The controller may be used in unwind, rewind or intermediate tension zones.

A variety of controller output modes is available for operating pneumatic or electric brakes and clutches, eddy current clutches, and DC and AC drives. The device offers integrated diagnostic tools for quick trouble-shooting if necessary, as well as USB connectivity to upload and download individual job setups to and from a PC.

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