Rapak North America, part of DS Smith Plastics, expands its Autokap 600 series filling machine offering by creating a bag-in-box filler designed to safely handle the filling of alcohol spirits. When packaging wine or alcohol, vapors could escape during the filling process and create a fire or explosive hazard.

The Autokap 600 is designed with electrical components and pneumatic systems housed in air-pressurized cabinets, ensuring that any released vapors will not contact with electrical devices. The machine is also equipped with NAMUR sensors that run at a voltage that is below the threshold of sparking. These features can achieve a C1D1 (Class 1, Division 1) rating.

Rapak’s small footprint Autokap 600 is a single-head semi-automatic filling machine designed for a wide range of liquid products. The machine features quick bag size changes. Bags are manually loaded into the machine and after filling, they are released onto a roller conveyor for loading. This filler is part of the Rapak portfolio of reliable and cost-effective semi-automatic and fully-automatic Bag-in-Box packaging solutions.

DS Smith Plastics