CHEER PACK North America's (CPNA) innovation center supports new product development, including the creation of customized pouch shapes.

CPNA is a market leader in offering the widest range of custom-shaped spouted pouches. This includes our newest innovation, the CHEERPlus inverted pouch, the only flexible multi-serve packaging solution offered in multiple structures, with or without a top gusset and in a variety of custom shapes.

Spouted flexible pouches can be are shaped to resemble a company’s existing non-pouch packaging offer a unique solution to reinforce the product’s branding strategy. Shapes can also be used to indicate what the product is, such as an apple-shaped flexible pouch that contains apple juice or apple sauce. Another example is creating the pouch in the shape of an animal for brand owners that use animals in their brand communication. CHEER PACK shaped pouch options combined with custom print allow for almost endless packaging design options.

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