Miraclon – the new home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions – has received a 2019 InterTech Technology Awards for the innovative KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution. This  international awards program, sponsored by Printing Industries of America (PIA), recognizes technologies that are predicted to have a major impact on the graphic communications and related industries.

“The judges recognized the breakthrough and transformative nature of Miraclon’s technology, as it enables the shift to solvent-free flexo plate processing,” said Jim Workman, Vice President of PIA’s Center for Technology and Research.This is the fourth InterTech Technology Award within an 11-year period for KODAK FLEXCEL NX technology, recognizing Miraclon’s commitment to ongoing value-driven innovation for FLEXCEL NX customers.

“The FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution provides packaging printers with another method for producing high-performing FLEXCEL NX Plates” explained  Zaki Ali, Chief Technology Officer, Miraclon. “An aqueous plate making system with newly-patented KODAK Ultra Clean Technology, the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution allows the preparation of a press-ready plate in under one hour while removing the hurdles and challenges that have plagued aqueous platemaking solutions for the last 25 years.”

Ali and his R&D staff, based in Oakdale, MN, have been permanent fixtures of the team behind KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions innovation from the early development of the FLEXCEL NX System. The team has a long string of patents to their name that protect the unique proprietary technology that has helped to transform the capabilities of flexo printing,  They were were recently awarded their fourth US patent associated with the FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution; which is the first US patent directly assigned to Miraclon since the formation of the company just four months ago.

The InterTech Technology Awards judges were unanimous in their opinion that Miraclon’s technology will be the catalyst for more prepress providers and printers to convert to aqueous flexo platemaking.

To learn more about the KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution, visit www.miraclon.com