A bi-coastal partnership between two family-owned machinery companies, Connecticut-based PDC International and Marburg Industries in California, has produced an economical shrink sleeve labeling system combining the best of both company’s innovative technologies.  The system is a great value for an entry-level investment or when moderate speeds are needed.

With the ability to add eye-catching shrink sleeve labels, the PDC/Marburg system is ideal for labeling food and beverage bottles as well as cans for beer and other beverages. The shrink sleeving system is a combination of a Marburg 625 FB Shrink Sleeve Applicator and a PDC KSA-70 Steam Shrink Tunnel. The Marburg applicator includes a 16-foot stainless steel conveyor that can handle speeds of 100 bottles per minute. The PDC KSA-70 is a three-zone steam tunnel. The first zone enables the anchoring of the label under the bottle’s bottom radius; the subsequent two zones cover the body and neck, focusing steam with pinpoint accuracy. Overall, the two machines offer simplicity of operation and ease of changeover. They occupy a small footprint on the plant floor and can easily fit on any production line.

Marburg Industries, Inc. is a woman-owned, small business that has provided companies with a variety of shrink labeling, twin packing and tamper-evident packaging equipment for nearly 50 years. From sauces to mayonnaise, and cosmetics to cough syrup, Marburg services the needs of many industries. PDC International Corp. is a world leader in shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident neck banding technology for packaging in the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

For more information, please visit www.pdc-corp.com.