Danish company Christina Hansen is relaunching their baby cereals line. The organic cereals should not be exposed to light, oxygen or moisture and are therefore packed into a multilayer bag that offers the best possible protection. The reclosable Schur stand-up pouches ensure the best possible protection, once the seal has been broken.

The eye-catching bags are designed with reverse print on a matte film, which is then laminated. The powerful results highlight the products at point of sale. With advanced flexo printing in up to 10 colors, high gloss lacquer, matte lacquer, metallized inks and a comprehensive range of film types, practically any creative idea can come true. And with application of ESKO software and ESKO CDI Crystal technology in the internal prepress and plate production, SchurStar Systems ensure state-of-the art print results. Premade SchurStar Bags are linked together in a fully automated packaging process. The pouches have a rectangular fill opening perfect for filling free-flow products.

Schur is an international team of 15 companies, with factories in Denmark, Australia, Sweden, Germany, and the United States.