Sun Centre's enhanced XL machine is now one of the most versatile pouch-making machines in the industry, producing more pouch configurations with fully registered fronts, backs and side gussets, from single or multiple webs.

The newly enhanced SCSG 600-850 XL pouch machine from Sun Centre USA has been re-engineered as a DR (Dual Registration) model that can now provide front and back registration on all conventional stand-up pouches as well as registered gussets using either one or two films. This highly versatile machine can still produce inserted side gusset pouches, terminated and non-terminated side gusset bags, bag-in-bag formats, and apply zipper and Velcro closures, Applix eazy-lock closures, and child-resistant zippers.

The XL machine comes standard with ultrasonic zipper sealing technology. The dual registration and one-web gusseted pouch capabilities of the XL-DR machine now create significant opportunities for many companies with smaller digital printing presses. Companies with 13, 16 and 20-30 inch wide digital printing equipment can now produce  pouch packaging with perfect front-to-back registration. The XL-DR can still run all PE/PE webs up to 68 inches for some of the largest pouch products such as pet food, softener salt, fertilizer and other bulk materials. Complete fitment applications, custom die-cutting, and pouch handle options are also readily available.