Matrix Packaging Machinery is introducing the Matrix Morpheus, a continuous box-motion bagger that allows packagers to run a variety of films at faster speeds and with better accuracy.

The Morpheus uses a continuous motion, high-speed jaw system that differs from other vertical form/fill/seal machines, because the film never stops. The jaw system cuts the film and provides just enough dwell time for the three bag seams to properly seal. This feature allows users to achieve fill rates up to 200 bags per minute.

The Morpheus series comes in three different machine models to best meet users’ production requirements:

  • Morpheus: Standard machine with up to 12-inch bag width 
  • Morpheus AB: Includes Rockwell controls; up to 12-inch bag width
  • Morpheus XL: Accommodates up to 15-inch bag width FP Matrix Packaging Machinery