Bixby International has added a gravure laminating machine at its operations center in Newburyport, MA. The new gravure laminator will allow the engineering team to expand Bixby’s capabilities to create composites and adhere materials that previously weren’t part of the company’s offerings. The addition of the gravure laminator increases access to new adhesion and coating chemistries that enable Bixby to differentiate itself from its competitors in the thermoplastic sheet extrusion industry.

The laminator, a Monti Antonio model 908-2600, will be used for coating and laminating various material webs to form unique functional composites. The machine, which can apply either a solid or specified pattern of microscopic dots in the composite-making process, can be used for a range of materials, including non-wovens, films, fabrics, and other composites. The gravure laminator will be used to create a wide range of products.

“The gravure laminator allows us to adhere materials that we may not have necessarily had the ability to work with before,” says Marc Gagnon, chief development officer. “This machine gives us the advantage of adhering flexible materials, with the benefit of adding a film layer of adhesive and access to broader chemistries in our laminate solutions. The versatility of how it can be used provides us with many new possibilities going forward.”


Bixby International