AJG Packaging, a New Jersey-based provider for sourcing, filling and secondary packaging needs, announces the availability of the Exothermix heating system, a self-contained heating solution, which features the flexibility to fit many different applications and simplifies the use of any product requiring heat. Lightweight and convenient, this revolutionary air-activated heating system incorporates smartphone and hearing aid battery technology. The system is activated upon exposure to the air by a zinc-based heating agent when the outer film layer of packaging is removed.

The Exothermix design eliminates many of the challenges that had been previously experienced with liquid-activated heating products, or products that require the package to be shaken to create the heating effect. The system is comprised of five components, a primary packaging film layer, the exothermic layer, an air/diffuser/waterproof layer, a secondary packaging film layer and a removable heater activation label on the outside.

“We see a great many packaging opportunities for this innovative heating system technology,” states Matthew Grimaldi, CEO of AJG Packaging. “For applications where heat would enhance the consumer experience and increase product efficacy, like hair color, shave creams, beard oils and heat packs, Exothermix is an ideal choice.”  The heating system can be fine-tuned to activate from two to 15 minutes, depending on the size, weight and desired temperature. FP

AJG Packaging