Dow introduces a new optical finishing for polyethylene (PE)-based packaging to support brand owners and converters in addressing recyclability targets. The OPULUX HGT Optical Finishes can help replace PE/PET or PE/BOPP laminated packaging structures with a PE-based concept that offers high thermal and chemical resistance and delivers excellent optics. OPULUX™ HGT, which is suitable for many packaging formats, has been recognized as a breakthrough technology at this year’s Edison Awards.

“We’re constantly looking at ways to re-think the status-quo of packaging to advance the circular economy,” said Izzat Midani, marketing manager EMEA at Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. “With OPULUX HGT, we are able to simplify the packaging structure to help enable recyclability while maintaining the shelf appeal of the final package.”

OPULUX HGT is a high-temperature, high-gloss varnish applied to surface-printed PE films of flexible packaging. While replacing laminated substrates like OPET and BOPP with a monopolymer film, structure simplification and high conversion efficiency are accomplished. Converters can leave out the lamination step and benefit from a wider coating weight range as well as reduced wash downs.