Hot water-soluble laundry bags, made from Aquapak polymer have been launched by Australian distributor, DB Packaging. The bags can be used to contain dirty or contaminated laundry, and can be put directly into washing machines without the risk of direct human contact. As the bags dissolve safely in hot water, there is no plastic residue to dispose or that can potentially cause machine breakdown. While retaining all the functionality of traditional plastic bags, they are also non-toxic, marine-safe and biodegradable.

Based in Australia, DB Packaging, an eco packaging company that provides innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions, has worked with their manufacturer, Advent Packaging, to bring to market a range of cytotoxic laundry bags and food waste bags made from Aquapak’s Hydropol polymer pellets. DB Packaging’s hot water soluble laundry bags are supplied to hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and commercial laundries.

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