NOVA Chemicals Corp., a leading supplier of polyethylene, has introduced a suite of recycle-ready octene and butene LLDPE resins for packaging applications.

These resins are engineered to offer two significant benefits that help build markets for post-consumer polyethylene products:

  •  As virgin resins, each can be used in packaging film structures in combination with a high percentage of recycled content
  • After mechanical recycling, the resins retain balanced physical properties, excellent processability and optimal product protection.

Used in their virgin state, the resins compensate for often degraded physical performance of recycled content in film structures, suppressing odor up to 80 percent and improving optics up to 15 percent. When repurposed multiple times through mechanical recycling, the resins retain or improve their key physical performance properties, enabling reuse in applications such as stretch film, stand up pouch, multipack collation shrink and heavy duty sack. The development of these new recycle-ready resins is the result of NOVA Chemicals’ ongoing research to advance the circular economy.