Croatian winery, Dobra Berba, has seen a continuous growth and strong sales results with an innovative bag-in-box Christmas Mulled Wine. Driven by an enthusiasm and ambition to offer something new to the market, Dobra Berba has approached Rapak, part of DS Smith Plastics, to collaborate on developing the environmentally friendly packaging solution that extends the shelf life of mulled wine.

To meet the customer needs, Rapak has proposed the 3L & 10L flexible wine bags to be used in the bag-in-box packaging and mulled wine heaters. The bag-in-box solution meets growing industry needs for practical and sustainable alternatives to glass bottles, ensuring the reduction of product waste and extending the product shelf life after its opening.

Dobra Barba’s product was first presented at Winter Advent in Zagreb, where it was immediately recognized due to its high-quality wine and eye-catching bag-in-box packaging design. Shortly after the product launch, the 3L Bag-in-Box mulled wine has received the Red Dot Design Award for its innovative and smart concept.